About The Founder of I Love My Doubles Partner

Adeline fell in love with tennis at the age of 35. She loved the sport, the friendships, playing at country clubs, the challenge and the cute clothes!

She rose up in ranks from 2.5 to 4.5 in 7 years - playing six days a week or more!

When she met her now husband on the court in 2014 - he asked why she dressed so sexy off the court - but wore baggy and unflattering tennis clothes.

The issue was - she had lost 50lbs - and weighed 145 - but because she had hips and boobs - the smaller sizes didn’t fit right.

She needed to wear a size up in order to accommodate her curves.

In boarding school in England (where Adeline was born) she took “Home Economics” classes which involved cooking and sewing.

Founder of I Love My Doubles Partner

In 2017 she created her first Court 🎾 to Cocktails 🍸 Tennis Dress 👗 called “The Monroe” after the iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe. She was curvy AND thin - and sultry.

When Adeline’s partners and opponents saw this creation - they loved it. It had an external black next pocket at the small of the back - keeping those yellow fuzzies off sweaty thighs!

So was born the collection of luxury tennis wear - that was super soft and comfortable, yet practical and sexy - all in ONE.

Designed by an obsessed tennis player over 40 years old - and sold at fine boutiques or online at www.ILMDP.com