Are You An Effective AND Generous Tennis Director?

Tennis Directors: how would you rate yourself as the director of your tennis club?  You don't have control over things, such as your location, the quality of the tennis courts, or perhaps even the hiring of the support staff.  But, you do have full authority over the contribution that YOU are making to your membership.
Don't get stuck in the same old same old.  Just having your clients arrange teams, and matches, providing customer service, and sometimes counseling just isn't enough.
Be a fire starter!  Find out about tennis tournaments and trips and present it to them!  Help them access new equipment, and unique outfits.  Be a part of igniting (or re-igniting)  their passion for tennis, and improving their game, and experiences.  Give them something to practice for.  To take lessons for.  To improve, and feel more confident.  Help them with their nutrition, and supplements too.
Don't be one-dimensional.  It's not enough anymore.  Not just the club that you are currently employed at - but because of the internet, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, future members, and employers are also watching you.  It's abundantly obvious which tennis directors are going ABOVE and BEYOND for their corporations and customers.
You have many years of tennis experience, share your wisdom with them, and stay curious about the NEW tennis things.  Investigate on behalf of them.  Seek out books and businesses that can support your client's best life.
A healthy, happy, and fun membership will make your club stand out from the others.  Plus, and perhaps this is the most important thing of all, it will help you leave a positive legacy on those that you touched too.
If you are looking to improve the tennis lives of women over 40 years old that love doubles tennis, I have a full collection of luxury apparel, bags, jewels, as wells and positive thinking mental books and tournaments and trips that promote healthy and happy partnerships on the court.  Please contact me Adeline (pronounced the French way add-ah-LEAN) on my mobile at 310.701.7171 or take a look at my designs at 
My clothes and vegan tennis bags are sewn in downtown Los Angeles, as with the casting of my solid gold tennis jewelry, and my books are printed in the U.S.A as well.
You are A LOT of power as a tennis director to GROW tennis and health, please use it wisely.