Court To Cocktails Tennis Dresses

The one and only luxury tennis retail boutique in the "Golden Triangle" of Beverly Hills 90210, just steps from the famous "Rodeo Drive", selling unique tennis outfits for men and women.

The newest piece is called "The Adeline" after founder and designer, with a deep sweetheart neck this baby doll style dress is feminine and sexy.

This tennis dress is available in black, and white with sleek black trim, and with very limited edition prints, one or two per size only.

Luxury Tennis Dress Made In USA available at Love Love Tennis Beverly Hills Boutique 90210


Here's Adeline wearing her court-to-cocktails tennis dress on Bali Red Clay court last week.  She's sporting a plain black "U" Bra for more support and coverage.

If you love tennis, you will "Love Love" this three story boutique.

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