Kindness Counts!!


I played a ladies doubles match with a new partner on Tuesday. We played against a very tough seasoned 4.5 team. In fact - they are regular partners and undefeated this season.

Although I went into the match with no expectations - when we started playing together - I knew we had a chance!

She was so kind, gentle and complimentary to me - that my anxiousness melted away. I moved from fear into relaxation and even CONFIDENCE!

She acknowledged me when I easily held my serve and appreciated my skill level. She saw the little trickery I pulled to win points (I’m more of a touch player and she a hard hitter). We barely lost the first set in a tie breaker - but by the second set I was flying high! I felt invincible - focused - alert and HAPPY!

In this energy state - I started playing great - and not only did we win the second set 1-6, but won the match too.

She is an amazing tennis player - but not just because of her strokes - but her ability to LIFT HER PARTNER UP!

Now that’s a technique to practice! _______________________________________________
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