Lessons from the NET 🎾

Being a Captain has some benefits - you get to choose who you play with and who else is in the lineup too.

But there are loads of negative aspects as well - like dealing with people getting sick right before a match, or players not wanting to play with other players, or when you are short players, or when there are defaults and you have to pay for the courts from your pocket or when there are problems on the court.

The main reason why I became a Captain though is to "set the tone" of the match. I remind my team that we are here to have FUN - and that results don't concern me at all. It's really nice seeing everyone shrugging off losses and truly being grateful for just getting to play!

I also LOVE when my team pools together and gives me cash to buy new clothes - "gifts" being one of my top love languages - I feel honored and appreciated when collection is made on my behalf!

If you want to say "thanks" to your captain - these cards (and cute gifts) are available on my site!