Responsible For Emotional Reactions

As tennis is a competitive sport - so people are trying to WIN - tension can get high on the court. Whether it's your partner or the opponents misbehaving - we only have control of OUR reaction to them.

You see their behavior is THEIR responsibility - and our reaction is OURS.

And if it's ME behaving badly - when I calm down I look at what caused me to do that? And then I apologize to all parties concerned. And then I attempt to choose another path next time the same situation arises.

It's not about being perfect all the time - but for me it's imperative that I GROW AND LEARN from my errors and also watching the good or bad etiquette of others too.

There is a useful saying, "Learn your manners from the poorly mannered." My quest is to be the BEST VERSION OF ME that I can be - this includes but is not limited to: generous, sweet, unconditionally loving, peaceful, compassionate, soft, trustworthy, reliable, honest, empathetic, accepting, awakened, capable, open hearted, coachable, flexible, connected, appreciative, creative, respectful, present, aligned and conscious. This is no small task!!! But I'm on it!!!