Life is always good if you have good people in it! Last year I realized that some of the "sectionals teams" we're not as fun. There was pressure and loads of stress to win your line - and only whoever the captain considered "the best" was put in the line up.

I took some time to think about what I wanted from the sport. I wanted tennis to serve me! What I realized was that I primarily wanted three things:

1. To have a good time - FUN
2. To exercise - HEALTH
3. To hang out with sweet and women - LOVE

When I discerned my personal objectives it occurred to me that the only way that I could guarantee number three (LOVE) was to captain teams. This persists ME to CHOOSE who gets to play on my team and with ME!

I currently Captain three teams - #USTA #WTT #WestsideTennisLeague

I have collected my favorite Women in Los Angeles and invited them to my teams. One of them is on ALL THREE of my teams!
My dream has come true - tennis is the way that I want it to be for me! Oh and BTW last season my USTA and WTT teams ended up winning the league anyway! Ha!

Pictured here sweet Janet and Gail. "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!"