Lessons from the NET🎾

WHAT AN AWESOME TENNIS MATCH!!! This is Diane - I met her for the first time today - and LOVE HER already!!! We had very tough opponents - one who is currently a 5.0 and the other is a 4.5 (but used to be a 5.0). Although we didn’t know each other - Diane and I just GELLED!

She was communicative, she compromised and she was REALLY SWEET (something that I respect in a player very much). When they did great shots we complimented them. When we missed shots - we apologized and lifted each other up.

We took the first set 7-6 - it was very exciting - but then lost the next two to lose the match. The last half an hour I made a load of unforced errors - and Diane still stayed super optimistic and kind.

We left the court feeling so happy - even though we lost. That’s my kind of day!

Being grateful for being able to play - and being LOVING - now that’s BLiSS on the courts.