Lessons from the NET 🎾

How much time do you spend OBSERVING YOUR OPPONENTS PATTERNS??? We all have them.
I’m not going to tell you all of my formulas...LOL....but if you spend a few minutes watching my habits and reactions to certain balls or rally’s...it wouldn’t take you long to see them.

And if you want to win more - then prioritize knowing your opponents game!

Last night one of my opponents had and unbelievable backhand defensive lob that was high and deep and landed IN for the win! After she did it twice - and won the point - I realized that she used that shot ALWAYS when she received a deep ball to her backhand. She literally did this 100% of the time.

So - as soon as I saw her getting that ball - I moved back to a little behind the service line (I’m not very tall at 5’6”) and took them as overheads! And won the point.

Over and over.

And there was literally nothin she could do. She had no other shot from that position!