Lessons from the NET 🎾

Why is it so important to LOVE you doubles partner?

Well - firstly - it makes YOU feel better. If you are feeling warm and fuzzy about your partner - you will feel happier, have more trust and respect! This will enable YOU to play better!

And secondly - it helps your doubles partner feel secure and appreciated which helps them feel warm and fuzzy which helps THEM play better!

Finally - it intimidates the opponents! If you are really connected and working cooperatively with your partner - that means that you will be tough to beat - and the opponents will know that - Ana maybe THEY won’t play as well!!! At the end of the day - if tennis is your hobby (and even if you are a professional player too) - being kind will always be better for your physical, spiritual and mental health too!

Make the pledge for more L❤️VE - on and off the court!