Lessons from the NET 🎾

If I miss an easy overhead shot I am quick to apologize to my partner. It’s easy to say, “Sorry about that it was a great set up!” it takes much more effort and also courage apologizing for bigger mistakes in the match. Errors in judgment, rudeness to the opponents, contention with your partner, making bad calls, miss behaving in general or making excuses and giving yourself permission to constantly make mistakes.

when I play tennis it’s an opportunity for me not only to improve my technique and my physicality but also to improve my character.

being a good woman and partner that is kind, forgiving and generous is something that did not come naturally to me inside of a competitive sport. It’s something that I had to learn. It’s a muscle that I had to build.

and in order to be better in this area, I had to increase myself analysis. and introspection as well as learn to properly apologize for the most embarrassing of wrong doings.

That temporary moment of being uncomfortable whilst admitting my childish behavior is always followed by a deeper relationship with my partner and increased self pride.

Own up to your weaknesses and say sorry. That’s where you find growth!