Lessons from the NET 🎾

Even when “bad” things happen - there is always a bright side.

So my feet have been hurting for two years - so I had slowed down considerably on the court - and even stopped playing singles a year ago.

I had surgery on my left foot 4 months ago and my right foot 5 weeks ago.

Today I got on the court to hit (gently) for the first time. I was being ginger with my feet as they are still tingling and sore from the surgeries - but you know what? I played pretty well.

You see - the two years of not moving too well taught me to hit the ball in less than ideal spots. Because I wasn’t moving my feet - I learned to have better hands - because there were many different contact points to hit because I didn’t want to get my feet in position!!! So that’s the good that came from my feet hurting!!!