Lessons from the NET 🎾

When we start a tennis match it's L❤️VE ALL - however often at the end of the match - sometimes there isn't much L❤️VE on the court left.

I've contemplated the times where I have ended the match feeling unhappy - what was going on for me? - I didn't want my rating to go down because of losing - I thought that I'm much better than them and should have won - I felt that they made poor calls - I didn't like their tennis etiquette - I was upset at myself for playing poorly

But now I've shifted my attitude to realizing how lucky I am to get to play and feel super appreciative.

I also understand that I can't control those ladies - and it's not personal - they are unhappy and so rude to everyone - even their partners and spouses too.

It's been much more fun playing with L❤️VE!!!