Lessons from the NET 🎾


Also - the journey of achieving is so much more fun if it's spent in optimistic thinking!
I went to a tennis resort with three friends when I was a 3.0 and declared that I wanted to be a 4.5 and the head coach laughed and said it would never happen!

Well - I didn't listen to him - I kept dreaming - and working for it - Ana I achieved it.

I'm having my foot surgeries this year (one two months ago and one tomorrow) so I haven't played much this year and won't be able to until next year.

I may be a 4.0 when I come back - and that's okay.

I have a new bigger goal. I'm going to be a 5.0. I'm going to be a winning 5.0!

#declareit #workit #ownit #havefun #dreamit #doit #laughalongtheway #tennis