Lessons from the NET 🎾 : HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! May your days be filled with loads of LOVE!

Want to be A DOUBLES PARTNER TO ❤? Be early, open balls, be low maintenance, play your best, be grateful and most importantly be KIND to your doubles partner!!! Today I played these three lovely ladies - and each one had a weapon to their game!
Sherry: very deep too spin returns and ground strokes!

Karin: amazing volleys from low balls!!! La: incredible hard and skidding ground strokes that she follows in!!! I watched what made them good at these strokes and copied the good form! Sherry lets the ball drop lower so that she can brush up on it. Karin steps into her volleys. And La has very early racket preparation!

By focusing on what I LOVE about my doubles partner - I learn to be a better player too!!!