Lessons from the NET 🎾: I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!

.....and you can too!!! Tennis is fun when you are grateful and kind
Coaching your partner will make them out of their mind!!! Come to the court mentally prepared
And bring your own money, balls and Advil to share!!! Be sweet and nice when in the match
And your partner will become the best catch!!! Honor your partner on and off the court
And I'll guarantee they'll never fall short!!! During your matches always be encouraging
Communicate between points but don't be disparaging!!! Treat your partner the way THEY would like
This is the best way to avoid fights!!! No shouting or screaming after all it's just a game
we're playing for fun - not for fame!!! Keep your head in the game and eye on the ball
Take small steps and turn your shoulders so you don't fall!!! I love my doubles partner - yes I do!!!
I love my doubles partner - I hope you do too!!!