Lessons from the NET: Judgements and Assumptions

We all have automatic thoughts, assumption and judgements happening in our head.

The key to getting control of them is to:

1. Hear them

2. Acknowledge them

3. Analyze them

4. Shift them (if need be)

Judgements and assumptions that cause suffering damage your tennis game. On the other hand - thoughts that are aligned with LOVE are uplifting and confidence building!

Whether about your own game - or your partners - have you listened to what your mind is saying?

Take control of your mental shatter - divert it to the positive - and see you game become more POWERFUL (and fun too)!!!

If you need some help with your mental game, check out my 30 minute meditation. Listen to it before every match - and if possible - every day to relax and gain the power that you need to WIN more matches!