Lessons from the NET: Tennis Elbow

Tennis 🎾 Elbow?

If you have ever had tennis elbow - I feel your pain! When I started playing in 2009 I used to get it really badly!

It was a combination of lack of strength AND poor technique too - as well as a racket that wasn’t right for me!

tennis elbow special racket

There is a consensus that you should get a HEAVIER rackets with a BIGGER grip to help prevent tennis elbow.


I went SMALLER on the grip and down to a 9oz racket and have have been GREAT ever since!

All of our bodies are unique for sure - but remember to TEST other people's assertions for yourself. My racket is so amazing that I now sell it online and in my boutique in Beverly Hills. I’m a HUGE fan of it.

Take a look here:


If you buy the racket from I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER we send it with my special strings AND the big heart ♥️ printed on it too!

(Also if you are suffering from pain look into “Active Release” technique and buying a “Tens” unit too)!