It has been my physical and emotional outlet - where I not only dropped a whopping 50lbs from 195lbs to 145lbs but also have learned how to be peaceful in the wake of a storm!

Over the last 7 years I rose from a 2.5 to a 4.5 by not only learning how to hit the ball, have speed and anticipation, strategy and shots, but also having mental strength too!

You see - we can't control our environment - sometimes there will be mean partners, cheating opponents, terrible wind, too much sun, uneven tennis courts, too cold or other negative things - but WHAT WE CAN CONTROL IS OUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THOSE THINGS!

I have learned to have patience and compassion for my partners, and empathy for opponents, look for the good in the conditions and people. I did this to "be a better person" but what needed up happening was that I actually played better and attracted less and less of those unwanted experiences. As I softened and became more generous with people - the game became fun and playful - and I began bringing out the best in people. I took responsibility for my part in their drama.

Use the court to learn valuable lessons - MUCH CHEAPER than therapy!!! LOL!