Tennis Racket (or is it Racquet) Grip

First of all, how do YOU spell it?  I have always used "tennis racket".  

Second of all - how CUTE is this?  My trade marked Heart + Rackets logo printed all over a soft and dry tennis racket over grip!

Although I tested them with a white background too - they just got too dirty - so I only manufactured them with a black background.

Not for sale currently - but the attendees of my tournaments and trips will get one in their tennis swag bag!

As for tennis elbow - I am not a medical professional, but in my experience, if you are suffering from this terrible ailment, I highly recommend that you drop down your grip size to be smaller.  It's easier to have a light grip if your hand fits around the racket.  (This is contrary to what many of my tennis teachers have taught me - but that is the ONLY thing that cured my tennis elbow!).

Finally - if you do have tennis elbow - buy KT Tape and look on YouTube for instructions on correct application - and try to lower the inflammation in your body by eating a LOW carb and high protein diet - I recommend the Ideal Protein program.