Unusual Behavior

Don't take things personally! When people are acting strange just allow it to be. Normally - it's something going on with them - it's not directed at you!

My partner and I played the first match of our season today - but the first set was a train reck for me - I was unusually distracted - hearing noises off the court and the chit chat of our opponents. And then there was that line call. And long breaks. I remembered that I have to ability to accesses stillness from inside - no matter what is going on outside. This is something that I have learned from meditation. That I am the master of my mind. So I calmed my head down by imagining a war m glowing feeling in my stomach - my yoga master says warm base cold head - and it worked.

I'm so glad my partner was patient with me and didn't contribute to my monkey mind by picking on me when I was down!!! She had faith that I would start playing better - and she was right!!! It took three sets but we won!!! "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" And don't you just love my red heart crotchet on my shoes? Available at my site www.ilovemydoublespartner.com