We Are So Different

He is very physical - strong - makes big shots and takes loads of risks on the court.

And I am conservative - careful - a placement player.

He finishes the point - one way or another. He makes the huge winners and also hits the ball in the bottom of the net or way out. He double faults. He aces a lot.

I am the setter - getting him easy balls - or giving the opponent easy balls and getting him smashed. I rarely double fault - and I rarely ace too.

No matter what your game style is - there are always positives and negatives to it.

Having compassion and even empathy for your partner’s struggles is equally important to enjoying and encouraging their strengths.

If you can override your judgement of their ails - and focus on the great parts of their game and contribution - you will always have more fun (and perhaps win more too)! Part of being a good partner is to LIFT your companion up. On or off the court!! Be grateful that you have a partner! Imagine - you could be playing singles!!! 😳

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