Win Or Lose?


The struggle is worth it. You win or you lose - it’s actually all a win.

Whether on the court or in my business - when I win - it feels amazing!  Of course I’m happy!

But truth be told is that the times that I lose are the opportunity for learning and growth.

How did I lose?
What could I have done differently?
Did I pick on my opponents weaknesses?
Did I bring the best out of my partner?
Was I playing my best?

Even when I lose to “better” players - there are still many things that I learn.

What made them better?
How do they keep fit?
What strengths do they have?
How can I be more like them?

As I prepare for the next match - I bring all of this new found knowledge to it.

And same for my designing - in choosing my new collection - over a cup of Tetley Extra Strong with Erythritol and Almond Milk - I make my future decisions based on my past experience.

I only try to be a slightly better version of myself every day. I call it the 1% rule!

(PS This is one of my secret weapons - the Australian Back formation - contact me to know WHY I play this!)


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