"Australian Open" Canvas print by Joel Leslie

"Australian Open" Canvas Print by Joel Leslie

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"Australian Open" by Joel Leslie is a captivating canvas print measuring 24x36 inches. The artwork offers a visually stunning portrayal of a tennis match set against the iconic Plexicushion court, renowned for its royal blue hue. The predominant color scheme features the deep and regal tones of the court, creating a striking backdrop that sets the stage for the competitive action.

The intense royal blue of the Plexicushion court dominates the composition, providing a vibrant and engaging focal point. This color not only pays tribute to the distinctive playing surface of the Australian Open but also infuses the artwork with a sense of drama and sophistication.

Against the rich blue background, the artist skillfully incorporates dark accents of brown, black, and red to depict the spectators and surrounding elements. These colors add depth and contrast to the composition, capturing the diversity and energy of the crowd. The dark hues also complement the royal blue, creating a visually compelling interplay of colors.